Fashion is something that changes from time to time and according to people’s tastes. What looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another. But let’s see how Asa makes fashion when everyone sees it.

1) Identify your body shape to choose women’s fashion.

The problem for most women is that they do not look good in any outfit. What we do not know is that everyone has a unique shape and size.

Before we dress, we need to know the exact shape and size of our bodies. Then it will not be difficult for us to choose a suitable outfit.

Women should measure their shoulders, chest, and waist when measuring their body size. Also, our body comes in 5 shapes. They are Hour Guard, Round, Rectangle, Triangle, and Inverted Triangle. Knowing how these five methods apply to you is the first step in fashion tips.

Women are always focused on fashion, but not many people are aware of these measurements about the body, and their style is not successful. Once this is correctly identified, you can easily choose any feminine style that suits your body shape.

fashion body shape

2) Identify the nature and color of your skin to choose women’s fashion tips.

Not every woman’s skin is the same. There are several skin types. If your skin is slightly dry and flaky, we call it dry skin. Also, when you wake up in the morning, and the tee area on your face is glowing and oily, we call it oily skin. Also, ladies, if you have normal skin, it is called normal skin.

It is a gift from God to you. A combination of all these is called combination skin. In addition, we can identify different types of skin, such as mature skin and sensitive skin.

So this is how women should accurately identify their skin type and complexion before they start styling. Then you are sure to look beautiful by doing a style that suits your skin.

When choosing a style for oily skin, you should permanently remove the dead skin on your face. For dry skin, always choose a moisturizing lotion.

When selecting a cream that suits your skin, you should look at the ingredients and buy it. Skin color is also essential when choosing makeup and clothes.

fashion shape color of the face
fashion shape color of the face

3) Remove the smell of your sweat for the success of women’s fashion

The most important thing when talking about fashion tips is your order and cleanliness of women. You do women’s fashion for a beautiful look. So cleanliness is essential.

When your body sweats, losing it is very important for your style and health. No matter how beautiful you are, your beauty will be erased by someone else smelling your body sweat.

So you need to use a fragrance that suits your skin. Also, using a perfume that is soothing to the nose is a valuable fashion tactic to get rid of body odor.

It is also important to bathe daily and keep your clothes clean. Also, no matter how fashionable you are, it will be disgusting to you if your clothes get wet with sweat after a while.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your internal hygiene, such as drinking plenty of water to control frequent sweating, as a women’s fashion tactic.

Sweat stinks tenslee fashion
Sweat stinks

4) Removal of unwanted hair so that women’s fashion is visible

Unwanted hair growth on the hands, feet, or face is a burning issue for many women. No matter what feminine style you use, unwanted hair will detract from your beauty.

It is perfect for a woman or a man to have curly hair. But women, if it interferes with the smoothness of your body, you should remove that hair. It has the potential to make any feminine style you do very successful. You can wear a dress or even a dress that is slightly exposed to the body without difficulty.

Also, you can successfully apply the lotion to your face when you do not have unwanted hair.

Unwanted hair removal
Unwanted hair removal

5) Hidden Women’s Fashion Tip – Avoid bad breath.

Another critical point when talking about women’s fashion tips is getting rid of the odor coming out of your mouth. No matter how feminine you are, if you smell bad when you go out or talk to men, it is a shame not only for them but also for you.

Brushing twice a day in the morning and evening is mandatory. Also, always make sure to keep a small mouthwash in the makeup kit or handbag. When women do fashion, they think that wearing a beautiful dress and makeup completes everything. But it is also essential that you pay attention to these little fashion tips.

bad breath.jpg
bad breath

6) Women’s fashion tips for choosing clothes

One of the main topics we come across when talking about women’s fashion is clothing fashion. Women, you must first identify your body size and skin color. Then it is easy to choose clothes that suit women. What are the styles that are suitable for fat women?

If you are a slightly obese woman, it is advisable to wear dark clothes. Then your obesity will not stand out. Also, ladies, when choosing a bra, you should choose a bra that fits your chest well and avoid choosing a bra with a cup.

Then your breasts will look very beautiful on the outside without sagging. Also, fat women are always better off wearing short sleeves. What are the appropriate styles for skinny women?

If you are a thin woman, it is essential to minimize the choice of dark or black clothes. This is because black clothes cover less space and make a slimmer person look slimmer.

Also, short sleeves should be reduced if thin women do not want to show off their slenderness. Also, if you’re going to beautify your breasts, wearing a bra with cups is a good idea.

If you are a woman with dark skin, what styles are suitable for you? Do not wear dark yellow or blue clothes in particular.

Wear light-colored clothing. What are the suitable styles for women with fair skin?

If you are a white or honest-skinned woman, wearing slightly darker clothes will make your skin tone stand out more. Women should maintain their body’s upper and lower parallelism when they are styling and before choosing clothes. You also need to do the relevant exercises to keep your body shape. It gives you the ability to experiment with the most beautiful dress styles.

clothing fashion.jpg
clothing fashion.jpg

7) Women’s fashion advice about shoes

Footwear is another critical element of women’s fashion tips. What are the 2021 shoe styles suitable for tall women? If you are wearing an everyday outfit, it is best to wear flat sandals. It may vary depending on your situation.

If you are a reasonably short woman wearing high heels, 2021 is a beautiful fashion statement. But be sure to change it according to your occasion or dress. Also, ladies, when you style, use sandals that match the color of your dress.

Don’t be afraid to adapt to colors. Putting shoes on denim or short skirt is also a notable trend among 2021 women’s fashion.

Footwear fashion.jpg
Footwear fashion

8) Women who care about your hair.

Women have another aspect that you need to pay more attention to in your style. That’s your hair. You need to know the shape of your face before you do hairstyles. What are the most suitable hairstyles for a round face?

If you are a woman with a round face, it is better to curl, straighten or straighten the hair. If you are a woman with a long face, it is best to re-iron, iron, or fix the hair. Be sure to change this as you attend.

It is also essential to use a hairstyle that matches your outfit. Make sure to keep your hair clean regularly. Having beautiful and healthy hair free from insects is another fashion trick for women. Always give your hair the treatment it needs.

Hairstyle tenslee.

9) Keep your nails beautiful

Keeping your nails very clean is an essential part of women’s fashion tips. Provide proper nail care. Also, you can enhance the beauty of women by coloring your nails to suit your occasion and the color of the dress. Do not be afraid to add different designs to the nails. Also, make sure to keep your toenails very clean and stylish, especially. This is because it is a big drawback even if you wear very nice shoes if your toenails are ugly. If your skin color is white, women should use a slightly darker or darker style for their nails.

Nail fashion.jpg
Nail fashion

10) Use the right makeup and jewelry.

What are the makeup styles that are suitable for women with dark skin? Avoid tight and deep makeup when you do makeup. Do not wear makeup that is too bright for the eyes. Do not use fast lipstick. If you are a fair-skinned woman, apply light pink or yellow makeup to your face. Also, keep in mind that with makeup, you can change the size and shape of the face as you wish—women.

When you style, be sure to change the makeup according to your occasion and outfit. When women talk about their jewelry, it’s elegant to put a belt on a denim dress. Use earrings and necklaces to match the dress and occasion. Wear a necklace and earrings that match the color of the dress. Wear a small ring on your hand and a matching ring. Be sure to use a small bag or handbag to suit your occasion.

makeup and jewelry fashion
makeup and jewelry fashion

Women are not afraid to match your colors when you choose fashion. Always change your style according to the color and type of dress. It is also essential for women to choose the style that suits their occasion. Don’t forget to add the fashion tips mentioned here to your life. In addition, when it comes to women’s fashion tips, fashion tips like keeping your clothes very clean and wearing a blouse under denim are sure to bring you a lot of elegance.

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