The Law of attraction is a great thing to try for gaining success. This article will provide an awesome explanation of the Law of Attraction for Beginners.

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try for gaining success

Everything has to have a beginning. Being a student is always a habit for a human. Learning new things will be a great experience throughout life because a man’s life’s meaning is learning new things and discovering things.  Although most of things have a specific time in a man’s life, The law of attraction can be an interest for the particular man at any age or any stage in his/her life. If you are a beginner to learn about the law attraction, this article will help you.  This article will bring a simple and brief explanation of the Law of Attraction for Beginners

What does it mean by the law of attraction?

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What does it mean

Indeed there is nothing you have to read in its meaning as it’s that much simple. You have the ability to attract what you believe. As it says, you can think of the impossible things, and you will get them in the end. But, it is up to you not to mix up reality and fantasy. Although you are capable of achieving impossible things, you should be aware of the limits.  If you dream of smaller things, you will get smaller things in return. When it comes to negative and positive thinking, you will be able to achieve the negative or the positive things you believe in.

If you are expecting a Law of Attraction for Beginners thought, you will be able to achieve the things that belong to your wildest dreams.

What are the fundamentals of the law of attraction?

The law of attraction runs on seven pillars that are ruled by universal power. It is easy to understand the law of attraction theory according to an example. In this article, Law of Attraction for Beginners, you will get the understanding as a person who needs to build a house in a couple of years.

1.  The desire

According to the first rule, you should be able to set the intentions. If you want to achieve something, you will need a focusing point. The desire to achieving has to be the intentional focus you should have. As a person who dreams of having a house, that will not be an impossible task at all. What you think is not taken by the mind. Literally, your mind doesn’t mind what you say. The strength of the mind, your use of the mind, and several factors affect the speed your mind takes it. You have to keep feeding the intentions to your mind until it takes as a reality.

2. Visualization

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Visualization of the goal

The visualization is the second one in the Law of Attraction for Beginners. You should be thinking about how to stay in the house you expect to believe. Literally, you should be thinking of it as you have built it. Although it is a bit strange thing, you will get used to it. The more you dream of the house, the more you will get the determination along with the law of attraction.

3. Believe in What You Believe

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Inspire people

Belief is the next step to rule the law of attraction. According to the example for Law of Attraction for Beginners, you should believe that you can achieve the Goal. Also, this is where you define the margin for the reality and the dream you have. As an owner of a house in the future, you have to determine to yourself that you are capable of doing that. According to the law of attraction, when you do believe for the thousandth of time, the next time will be the moment you achieve it.

4. The Affirmation

You should confirm that you are about to reach the Goal. If you confirm this several times, you will be taken to a higher position by your mind. Since the mind is the strategy you have, this is what you always have to do. If you develop the feeling that you can do it, your mind will do it along with the universal power. 

As one of the easiest ways to demonstrate the Law of Attraction for Beginners,  the house example will be useful for understanding this rule.

What you should do according to the fourth rule is to make an affirmation to your mind that you have everything to build the house. If you keep sending the messages to your mind, your mind will take it as a yes at some point. This is what you should do. You don’t have to think of finding labor, materials, housing plan, or anything. All you have to do is to affirm.

5. The complete Focus on your Goal

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Targeting your goal

As it says, it is nothing you don’t know. All you need to do is to give your 100% for achieving the Goal. What you use from your mind is nothing compared to its complete capacity. If you want to get full use of it, you will have to stop unnecessary things. When taking the previous example, you should stop other works. Although you are allowed to do your job, you have to be in the house. This is not about how you get to have a house but living in the house. This is one of the places most of the Law of Attraction for Beginners make wrong.

After you gave the message to your mind, it will take care of it along with the universal power. But, the most important and the hardest part is on your hand, delivering the message to your mind.

6. Manifesting the Goal

After feeding, visualization, believing in, affirmation, and giving enough focus, you will see that your mind is working on the Goal. Although it is said that your mind is what achieves the Goal, it’s really you who does the work. What you repeatedly did was to send the message to your mind. It is important to note that the manifestation is not a part of believing as it really happens. As the next thing, you should help your mind by focusing on the positive and related things to your Goal, building a house.

7. Gratitude is The last step of the Law of Attraction for Beginners.


Gratitude means the positive outcome you give to the world. Even if you see that you are getting so much manifestation, you will not be able to do what you do. Gratitude is the best way to provide positive outcomes to the world. Also, it is important to open yourself to the world. Ethan, after only, you will see similar types of people that match your spirit.

According to the example of the Law of Attraction for Beginners, in building a house, you should bring positive thoughts into the world. Giving your knowledge to others on building a new house, sharing the experience, and contributing to others’ work are a few of the examples that you can do to express gratitude for the law of attraction.


Law of Attraction for Beginners is not only for beginners but anyone who seeks success. Although it is about the conceptual background in simple words, the law of attraction’s utmost meaning is not a hugely variated one.   All it needs to do is to get a complete idea of the law of attraction. After having understood the real meaning of the Law of Attraction, you will be able to do fabulous things for sure.


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