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Questioning yourself

Suddenly you wake up. But you cannot even move a finger. You
cannot control your body. It is as if the mind came out of the body alone. If so, read on.
Today we are going to talk about a wonderful topic that we have all experienced. that is a dream .. but it
is not about the imaginations in real life. It is about dreams that we experience during our sleep time.
We are talking about the scientific facts about dreams.

Wait a minute. How can we talk about dreams and forget about sleep? So first let’s find out a little more about sleep.


One of the benefits of sleep is that it increases our endurance. Studies have shown that when a person loses fifty percent of their sleepover a while, the maximum amount of pain they can tolerate decreases rapidly. But scientists have not yet found a definite cause for this. Sleep is so essential that the world record for the longest continuous sleep deprivation is 11 days. That was the record set in 1964 by Randy Gardner of the University of California. Everyone who tried to get close to that record had to die before the record could be broken. That much sleep is essential for the body. Even Randy, who set the record, was lucky to survive because he later suffered from severe mental illness.

Another very beneficial process of sleep is brain cleansing. That is to clear the brain by removing some unwanted memories. This brain cleansing process takes place at the peak of our sleep when we are dreaming. Because when we sleep, our subconscious brain works as usual. It also strengthens brain cells, repairs body tissues, and boosts immunity. That is why getting proper sleep is essential for everyone. Failure to do so can lead to various mental disorders and consequently various physical ailments

There are 2 main types of sleep.
1) Non REM sleep
2) REM sleep

In the beginning, we experience Non REM or NREM. Then comes the REM stage. This is what happens in your sleep.

step1: You are closing your eyes. But not quite asleep yet. Can be easily awakened. This time lasts about five to fifteen minutes.
step2: Now you are slowly falling into a deep sleep. Your heart rate and your body temperature drops. The body gradually prepares for deep sleep.
step3: Now you are in a deep sleep. Things like the aforementioned tissue repair happen at this point. Even if you can’t, if someone wakes you up at this point, you probably won’t even have a balance for a while.

REM Sleep

What is this REM? REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. Your eyes are moving very fast at this time.

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This REM sleep occurs about 90 minutes after we fall asleep. This lasts about 10 minutes. Then come back from the first step. This usually takes about 90 minutes as a cycle. But the second REM sleep is longer than 10 minutes. The length may have increased to the last hour. About 50% of a baby’s sleep falls into this REM sleep.
We dream here in this REM sleep

We dream here in this REM sleep.
The dreams we see are also wonderful. The exact reason for the dream has not yet been found. But let me tell you a little bit about what we have found so far.

One of the things we dream about is what we experience in normal life. You know, in the past, there were black and white televisions in America. About 12% of people dream of being purely black and white. Also, people with speech disorders use hand gestures when dreaming. People who have seen for a while and then become blind also dream. People who are blind from birth experience dreams according to the sensations they feel. Animals also dream, wonderful isn’t it. All of them often dream of something related to a real-life experience. But not always.
How do dreams come true?

The subconscious brain is a wonderful thing. This subconscious brain analyzes what you see throughout the day when you sleep. And then based on that data he guesses things like this could happen to you tomorrow. For example, suppose you did some good stupid work today and went to bed. In your sleep, the subconscious brain shows you that if you did stupid things today, you will have to suffer like this tomorrow. The subconscious mind is so powerful that what it says is not easily mistaken. So tomorrow the same thing is going to happen. Then you will remember that this is what I dreamed. It is not a mystery or a coincidence. It was a prediction made by your brain. It seems like a joke but Dmitry Mendeleev discovered the periodic table and August Kekulé discovered the shape of the benzene molecule in a dream.
Mysteries associated with dreams



Some people walk in dreams due to mental illnesses like parasomnia. This is a condition that needs to be treated. Because some walk away from such a dream and commit crimes. A well-known story about this is that one person used to go to the swimming pool every night in a dream and swim in his sleep. One day a friend of his woke him up. This guy drowned all at once. The reason is that no matter how good a swimmer he is in the dream world, he can never swim in real life. The reason for this has not yet been found

Sleep Paralysis

This is what the article said at the beginning. Here you are waking up at once. But you cannot even move a finger. Like your soul coming out of your body. You cannot even shout. You have probably experienced this at least once in your life. What is happening here is the opposite of that sleepwalking mentioned earlier. Here. When we sleep, our body temporarily paralyzes. This is to prevent us from falling asleep. When we wake up, the body returns to normal. It is a natural process. Unlike any machine we use, the

the mechanism for dreaming in our body rarely gets a confusing little bit. The brain is fully awake. But the body is still in that paralyzed state. That’s when we have to experience that miraculous event. There is nothing strange about this. Some even draw an astral body story to this. There is no such thing as a mystery. This is normal. Here is a simple exercise to escape this kind of situation. Try to shake the big toe of the foot. If you increase that speed little by little, at the same time the whole body comes to a point where it moves. Then the body gets rid of that paralysis and wakes up as usual. There is no reason to be afraid of that. However, if that happens often, seek medical advice immediately

Repeating the same dream

Usually, this happens when we miss something very important in our daily life. This is because of the stress you get due to that missed thing. If the person who experienced this incident had been reminded of what she had missed and completed the task, she would never have seen that dream again.

Dreams falling from above

Sometimes you may be experienced that you are falling from above in the middle of your dream. At that moment we are suddenly woken up. Or it may feel as if someone were pulling on one leg and hitting the ground. Even then he wakes up shaken. When I got up, there was no one. We hand these over to demonic forces, easily and unknowingly. But there is no ghost here. I said earlier that our REM sleep causes our heart rate and body temperature to drop dramatically. So at that point, our brain can’t figure out if we are asleep or dead. So to test it, the brain sends a false signal to the body and sees if the body responds to that signal. It is that signal that shakes us. Now it is clear who the ghost is.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreams is the most important thing in the topic of dreams. Lucid dreams are very realistic. It’s so realistic that you can not imagine whether you are in a dream or the real world. A little work can be done to confirm that. One is to think about how you got to where you are. Imagine you are standing on a railroad track. All you have to do is think back to how you got here. If you have a dream, you have no answer to this question. Then you can understand that you are in a dream. Another way is to look at the palm. If you are in a dream you will not see things like hand lines clearly. Details are rarely seen. Maybe the fingers are not as they should actually. Then you can understand that you are in a dream. In regular dreams, we can’t do whatever we want in a dream. That is the specialty of lucid dreams. In this, we can do whatever we want. If you like to fly, there are no obstacles. Because the environment of this dream world is solely under your control. There is no obstacle to build something you like or to do what you like in lucid dreams. But being a lucid dreamer is not easy. It requires some training. When we wake up from sleep we forget about 50% of the dreams we had. 90% to 95% of dreams are forgotten within the first 15 minutes of waking up. So all we have to do is write down the dream we had as soon as we woke up. This book is called Dream Journal. Keep this close to the bed. Take the book to bed every night and read carefully the dream you had the day before. Then try to re-enter the same dream. With practice, you can take control of your dreams. In the dream world, the speed of time changes so you can spend hours in a dream in five to ten minutes.

A dream inside a dream

Imagine a situation you are dreaming in a dream world. Now you are having a dream. But  in closer look, you see another dream inside a dream. It does not matter if you wake up once because you’re still in a dream. I have to wake up twice. Very few have experienced this. And no reason has been found for this. But there is a great movie that was made under the concept of lucid dreaming and dream in a dream. If you are curious about the dream world, you should watch this movie. This is called Inception. This is a 2010 science fiction film. Directed by Christopher Nolan. The main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio

Ok. That is all for today’s article. I think you all got a good idea about dreams. Stay with us for this kind of awesome fact. Thank You


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