Hello guys. Today I am gonna start a new article series about seven princes of hell. We can classify these daemons according to the sin like, Mammon is for greed, Asmodeus is for lust, Leviathan is for envy, Beelzebub is for gluttony, Satan is for wrath, Belphegor is for sloth, Lucifer is for pride.

In this first article, I am going to talk about Asmodeus, Asmodeus is one of the seven princes of hell. Unlike those we know, he is skilled at spreading lust in human hearts

There are various descriptions of Asmodeus in different cultures. According to legends, he used to be a very attractive young man. His skill was to attract women and make them obsessed with lust

So one day Asmodeus had sex with the wife of the magical king Solomon. King Solomon finds out about this incident and killed the Asmodeus and cuts the body into pieces and then is locked in a coffin. After that, he was born in hell. He can hold a high position among the demons because of the great sinful deed which gives rise to his lust. There is no escape for someone who fell victim to Asmodeus because lust is an addictive thing.

And he has another original story. This story is about Ashma Deva, an angry demon in Persian Zoroastrianism in the 9th century BC. So the other story is that Asmodeus was born from this god Asha.

Also, there is another story that Asmodeus was one of the demons who took the lead in building Solomon’s palace in Talmud and Solomon’s agreement. Later, after the palace was built Asmodeus claimed King Solomon’s palace and his wives. After this incident, King Solomon deported the devil back to hell.

After that Asmodeus claims to have gained control of hell due to his heroic deeds. Because of these things, he is named as one of the main demons in the Jewish and Christian Bibles, but nowhere is such a detailed description of the devil found

Renaissance poets and playwrights refer to his appearance one by one in the writings, so there is no clear evidence and story in modern times, so many of his original stories and descriptions of his appearance can be read and seen in different sources.

However, the origin and existence of this legendary demon, which includes various stories, is not very clear.

So this is for today. Keep with us for upcoming articles about seven princes of hell and please leave a comment below. Thank you.


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